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Stewarding and events

Stewarding & events

ABJ Security have extensive experience in Event Security Management and are well placed to meet the needs of your events. We will provide extensive consultation with company directors to ensure an optimised delivery and responsiveness to your event requirements.

Providing complete security service, with an impeccable record of event security management encompassing the whole entertainment industry. Security tailored to the highest specifications regardless of complexity or duration. The service provided involves all aspects of liaison and security, from residence to venue and appearance. A complete and dedicated security team will enhance protection yet remain covert and unobtrusive.

Our security specialist will carry out an advanced security survey, auditing of all areas of concern, which are carried out well in advance to produce a comprehensive detailed report outlining all security recommendations and requirements. All event security audits carried out provide a tiered level of options which will be available for the clients, thereby enabling flexibility, competitiveness and choice in your tailored security provisions. 


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